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Pride Reimagined

Founded in 2021, PHL Pride Collective is working to reimagine LGBTQ+ Pride events in Philly.

You can join us.

Be a part of building a new Philly Pride, that centers Black and Brown queer and trans communities, and highlights the stories of LGBTQ+ Philadelphians still fighting for equality. We want to create a Pride that honors the origins of LGBTQ+ liberation, including the protests at Dewey’s in Philadelphia, Stonewall, and the first Philadelphia Gay Pride demonstration in 1972.

A photo at our first retreat -- a group of 16 LGBTQ+ collective volunteers, many smiling widely or displaying 'peace' signs, pose in front of a red and yellow mural of Gloria Casarez.

PHL Pride Collective was established in 2021 in the wake of Philly’s previous organization dissolving, and quickly embarked on a mission to reimagine what Pride festivities could be. This photo depicts some of our volunteer members at the first group retreat.

We envision year-round programming that celebrates Philly LGBTQ+ communities, and creates spaces for LGBTQ+ people to meet, engage in collective healing, educate each other, and support the well-being of our communities throughout Philadelphia. Please read our Points of Unity to find out more about what we stand for.

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