Logan Square

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the PHL Pride Collective? 

  • A group of LGBTQ+ community members dedicated to reimagining an inclusive PHL Pride
  • We’re committed to centering the voices of Trans and Black and Brown folks in our work
  • You can see all our points of unity, like our commitment to have no cops at Pride, on our website

How can we keep track of what’s going on with the Collective? 

Why the first weekend of June?

  • We’re excited to kick off Pride month with a Black and Brown, queer and trans focused Pride
  • We wanted to avoid long standing scheduling conflicts with other Prides and community events in Philly

Why a march?

  • Pride events pay homage to the Stonewall riots, which were not a parade
  • The first Pride event organized in Philadelphia in 1972 was a march
  • We want to return Pride to the activists roots that made progress for LGBTQ+ communities

What about the parade?

  • We are considering a floated parade in October for National Coming Out Day celebrations

Why no cops at pride?

  • We know police violence disproportionately affects Black and Brown, queer and trans people. 
  • A police presence does not make the most marginalized in our communities feel safe
  • We are dedicated to developing alternative forms of community safety

How can people support PHL Pride Collective?

  • Donate to our GoFundMe campaign
  • Subscribe to our email list
  • Follow us on social media
  • Sign up to volunteer on our website

Is the Collective accepting more members?

Does the Collective need more money? 

How can I help spread the word?

  • Hashtag #PHLPRIDE